Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas Haul

Money, wine, marmite, gin, bath stuff. No books because no-one ever buys me books. I’m not complaining though, in my teens I kept getting make up brushes, which always felt more like a hint than a present.  At least I do drink and take baths. Even occasionally at the same time.

Anyway, now that Christmas is over I can hit the bookshops properly myself. I’ve only dipped in and out twice quickly in the last few weeks – bookshops in December are like Gymnasia in January, full of people who don’t know what they’re doing there and won’t be back again for another year.

It’s amazing how many people consider books an acceptable present even though most don’t read enough themselves to want a book, and certainly not one chosen by somebody else.

But People Who Almost Never Read is a blog post for another time. First I need to un-draft my post on crime fiction, which is languishing for having too much about me and not enough analysis, but which I may post as is anyway, because disentangling what I like from why I like it is a thankless process.

And also, of course:

Happy New Year!

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