Friday, 24 May 2013

Meta bloke down the blog...

I am slightly ashamed, given that no-one will probably ever read it, how much thought I am giving to what to put in this first post. I actually caught myself checking the first entry of blogs I enjoy to see how they did it.
Answer: John Finnemore jumped straight into Forget What Did with nary an acknowledgement that he was starting something new, as did Ben Aaronovitch with Temporarily Significant and Steerforth with The Age of Uncertainty. Only Tim Footman  of Cultural Snow eggy splained he was doing something akin to taking a pencil for a walk - and then did nothing of the kind.

All this in 2005/6 by the way, which puts me a long way behind the wave. I should probably get on with it. After all this post is merely the equivalent of breaking open the foil seal on a jar of coffee with a teaspoon. Some favour the sharp rap with the business end, others a percussion of increasingly energetic blows with the bowl, until the makeshift drum splits and succumbs. 
It hardly matters, the point is to get in and at the darkly roasted rocket fuel inside. 

That makes it all sound rather more sexy than intended. Perhaps in future years I'll look back at the loss of my blogging virginity as I do my actual virginity, which is to say I'll forget the mechanics, have no memory of the date, and only remember what fun it was. 

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