Monday, 27 May 2013

at the moment I am mostly living in 2009..

Up until quite recently at work my job was to minute adoption and fostering panels, the details of which are obviously too dull to go into, but which basically consisted of periods of intense activity and slightly longer periods of stultifying boredom.
Naturally enough in the periods of stultifying boredom, I went online and amused myself reading first the news, then the current day's blogs, then (this is how bored I was) blogs from the beginning.
It's quite a bizarre experience reading through events you lived through but don't entirely remember. Every so often a name would pop up I knew I'd known quite well just a few years before - Kerry Katona, Robert Peston - but the information had been relegated somewhere to the back of my brain with the penguins and the name of the actor in the invisible milk thief adverts.
Much googling ensued (I like to picture my subconscious sighing at this point, thinking 'what's the silly conscious cow doing now' and limbering up to forget it all over again.) and reading of news reports that were at least 4 years old.
What struck me as curious is how old some of that information felt - just history already - but how other bits seemed so current I found myself living it all over again, only more so because this time round I was paying attention. It was curiously compulsive, fast forwarding through 2006,7,8 and 9.
Which is the point where time reasserted itself. Back (or forward) here in 2013 they finally found a permanent person for the role I was filling and slotted me in somewhere else a temp was needed.
I immediately became so busy from 9-5 I can barely remember to take time to boil a kettle or fill in a timesheet, let alone indulge in some bizarre 360 degree reliving of years I only lived through a short time ago, and didn't pay too much attention to at the time.
But what this sudden pulling of the nostalgia plug means of course is that some part of me is still stuck in 2009, just at the beginning of the recession and the twilight days of the last Labour government, and some other part feels like that was forever ago and I know all the punchlines.
The cure, I suppose, would be to overwrite the whole thing by taking a more in depth and intelligent interest in the current day's news. But given that it's full of things like beheadings and Nick Ross and foreign investors carving up Greece plc for assets, I think I might wait 4 years again.

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