Sunday, 11 February 2018

Not getting to the Roman Mithraeum..

Saturday I fully intended to go to the Roman ruins at Walbrook. Entry is timed, and you have to book in advance, which I dutifully did, and despite going out the night before, and having a cold that has been depriving me of sleep and therefore brains, I was out of the house in good time to get there.

Then it turned out Bank station, where I had meant to change, was closed, and somehow (this is because I have a cold and, as I said, no brains) when I looked at the map to reassess I headed for Chancery Lane rather than Cannon St, and by the time I noticed my mistake I was already 10 minutes late and heading back the other way didn't seem worth it (it's free, so I didn't imagine they'd have any scruples about turning me away if I missed my slot).

So I got out at Chancery Lane and got a coffee and walked through Hatton Garden instead.

I have to say I expected more from the place. I knew it was where they sold diamonds, so somehow I thought it would be quite Bond St and glam.

Actually it's oddly 1960s looking and a bit down at heel. Being 10am on a Saturday they were just putting the displays out, and the jewellery was impressive but a bit.. samey. Boring. Mostly rings and mostly diamond rings as that. Monochrome and glitter and not much else.

Anyway I did a nice arc exploring the area and jumped back on the tube at Barbican and headed to Great Portland St for Regent's Park (squeezing out through genial Spurs' fans on their way to Wembley).

That's the sheltered end of the park, with the fountains. They always make an effort with the bedding.

Heading towards the lake it was all a bit bleak and waterlogged and started to rain though, so I headed for Baker St and came home. 

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