Saturday, 24 February 2018

Bright and Breezy..

It's got colder again these last few days, with the promise of snow next week, and especially bitter on the Embankment where the wind blows straight across the river and into your face. There is a lot of light though - as you can see in this picture of Cleopatra's Needle. I must have walked past 50 times and I've never seen the carvings stand out so clearly before.

I was actually on my way to Two Temple Place, which is a gorgeous carved jewellery box of a building that only opens when exhibitions are on. At the moment the show is Rhythm and Reaction: The Age of Jazz in Britain, which sounds as if it shouldn't suit the space but works perfectly somehow. If you're in London before 22nd April when it closes I highly recommend it. 

In 1981 news I've read just one book so far, and predictably enough it's a Ruth Rendell, but I am trying to swim slightly out of my comfort zone for this challenge so as well as Bliss by Peter Carey (a serendipitous find in a charity shop) and Working with Structuralism by David Lodge (I've read quite a lot of his fiction, so it'll be interesting to see his litcrit) I also have Chance by Jackie Collins on the way. I haven't read anything by Jackie Collins since my teens (it was The Stud, if memory serves), and to be honest at that age I was just picking out the naughty bits, so it'll be interesting to see what I make of her now. 

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