Saturday, 2 July 2016

Life Class

Last week Tuesday I went to a life drawing class at The Exhibit in Balham. It's not très sérieux, but it's serious enough, while getting you to loosen up and think about drawing in different ways. Anyway here are a couple of the things I did. 

this was with the left hand - I've noticed before how drawing with the left hand brings things I've only subconsciously noticed to the fore. That nose like a bird of prey that I hadn't really spotted when using the right hand.

and this is a back. Lots of muscle on this model. Interesting to see how the tissue distributes itself. Wide back, strong thighs and arms, and then all the softness in the belly and the rump. Nothing like the 'ideal' images you get in statuary and painting.

Anyway that's two out of nine or ten drawings they got us to to - like music it's practice, practice, practice if you ever want to get good.

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