Sunday, 27 March 2016

Sunday 27th March

Lay pretty late, that is, till past 10 o’clock, and then up and to Charing Cross where a fine breakfast of eggs and fried potatoes. Then by appointment with my Aunt to Lewisham and Greenwich to attend a good exhibition titled ‘Plague, Fire and Revolution’ on the times of Samuel Pepys, much of which was known to me but still most excellently done with many fine books and paintings which I had not before seen, and extractions of the diary itself read with great vigour.

Thence by train to Eltham, with but a little difficulty from it being Easter Day and some parts closed, and on by foot to Eltham Palace with much interest in both the Tudor and later parts which are considered a showpiece of their time as indeed I found it so.

Then a dish of tea in the glasshouse and most interested to see that the lemon trees have much fruit hung upon them and ripe.

And so home.

with apologies to Samuel Pepys. 

and a very Happy Easter

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