Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Napton Industrial Estate

According to Google Maps I walked through Napton Industrial Estate on Saturday. Either I blinked and missed it or Napton Industrial Estate consists of sheep and grass and a single pile of bricks that may possibly once have been a very small factory. The picture below will give you some idea:

That building on top of the hill is a windmill which I assume can't or usually just doesn't turn, as the wind was moderately strong for the Midlands on Saturday and the sails were still.

The wind was the most disagreeable part of the walk, other than that I had moderate sunshine and mostly dry ground for the 14 miles to Fenny Compton.

Fenny Compton has no train station - this whole stretch of the canal is littered with small villages with roads named 'Station Road' where the line still goes through but the trains no longer stop. Luckily bus timetables for the area are easy to find online once you know how and the one to Banbury was bang on time.

I'd deliberately left some spare time in case of problems so I walked up and saw the famous Banbury Cross instead. It's worth a look, but you can find much better pictures than the ones I took on Banbury's Wikipedia page.

I was more curious about these:

They're over a lane just off the High Street and I think were probably put up to attract attention to the pub it leads to.

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