Friday, 22 August 2014

Continuing Along the South Bank...

..there are all sorts of historical things: Southwark Cathedral, HMS Belfast, The Tower of London, Tower Bridge, the tattered remains of old wooden piles driven into the riverbed, any amount of seaglass and quite a lot fresh, steps and slipways down to the river itself, chains hanging from the concrete banks, groups of people in anoraks with metal detectors, pebbles of brick worn smooth, seaweed and the salt smell that doesn't seem to hit you until you're this far down. (Although the river is tidal up as far as Teddington Lock, so surely must be salt all through Central London), the mouth to the river Neckinger, where they once hanged thieves caught stealing from the boats waiting to unload.
Nothing though, that hasn't been photographed a thousand and one times before. So I took a picture of the above instead.

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