Friday, 7 March 2014

Worrying about nothing as usual..

The work situation is sorted and I start Monday. I've had 2 weeks off, which wasn't much of a hardship as we had the first decent weather we've had this year and I've done lots of walking, which is what I do when I'm a bit worried. I also had 3 offers of loans from family members which I was able to turn down, but which it's nice to know would be available if I was really in trouble. Done a bit of writing and piano practice, finally got round to writing to the student loans company about my overpayment, which I should have done ages ago, and caught up on a ton of sleep.

I also now know the bus route from my home to Oxford Circus, should I ever need it (my travelcard expired and buses are cheap).

What I should probably do tomorrow is finish the grand union canal walk I started over a year ago. I have just Berkhamsted to Leighton Buzzard to go and it's not dark until nearly 6 now. I've already done the harder bits to get to from London - around Northampton and such, where there are stretches which aren't near train stations and where sometimes the canal goes through tunnels so long and dark that pedestrians have to walk over the top of the hills.
Somehow, though, I stalled at the last bit.

So, onward. After this it's the Oxford Canal.

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